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This Ultrasonic Level Sensor is a transmitter and receiver together in one detecting unit. It transmits ultrasonic sensor through water s able to transmit the ultrasound through liquid medium following certain direction,and will be partially reflected and received by the sensor . The bulit-in micro processor of the sensor will calculate the time interval from transmission to reception, together with the transmission speed of the ultrasound in water, the water level can then be calculated.

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◎ Detect underwater, narrow angle with highly direction

◎ Cannot affect by sewage, high and low temperature resistance;prevent water leakage

◎ Compact Size, integrative structure

◎ Multiple installation mode, multiple application environment,suitable in  various industries


It could be applied in product like water filter to control the water level in the container. With high precision, better control ability and intellectual technology, which makes the product more elegent.



 1Detect range20~400mm 
 2Accuracy±5mm 30 
 3Response time≤500ms 
 4Operation temperature+5~+50℃ 
 5Stroage temperature-10~+60℃ 
 6PowerDC 5±0.5V 
 7Rated current≤12mA 



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